The Museum Accessibility Toolkit, or M.A.T., is an online resource for museums and galleries. M.A.T. features concrete ideas for accommodations that benefit different segments of the disabled population. Additionally, there are external resources detailing how to fund and execute your institution’s accessibility plan. On the above menu, you may access accommodation by general type of disability, frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.), an explanation of preferred language, and a brief biography and description of this project. To the right of the page, click on the blue person icon with the word “Panel” written on it for web accessibility features. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns via email, provided at the contact page. Thank you for your interest in accessibility!

(Image description of logo: a dark blue building on a white background, with two dark blue pillars on the left side of the building, and a light blue pencil and light blue wrench acting as pillars on the right side. The roof of the building has a handle, to make the image of the building appear as a briefcase. The words “Museum Accessibility Toolkit” are written below.)